Though some sex experts consider that age is not a prior factor of getting problems with potency statistics show that aging plays a great role in male’s ability to get and sustain regular erections necessary for sexual intercourse.

While only 5 % of males under 40 years of old are completely impotent, 15% of men over 60-65 have such problems with potency. According to the studies only 33% of males over 70 years have normal erections in comparison to 61% of men in their 40s who have never experienced such problem before.

Still aging factor is not a reason for ED itself. A person with age gets more diseases due to unhealthy and stressful way of life. Such factors as excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking over 45 years, lack of physical exercise and overweight are most dangerous. Impotence may be a result of these factors and health conditions that these factors cause – diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and extra pounds.

Aging factor itself has an impact on male’s sexual abilities but unhealthy way of life and harmful habits make this influence more dangerous.

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