Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

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Alcohol used in moderate amounts can help intensify sexual desire and briefly improve mood and feeling of self-esteem. Large amounts of alcohol however influence badly on the organism in the whole and finally can lead to erectile dysfunction induced by alcohol. In some men even moderate amounts of alcohol negate the ability to perform well and get normal erections.
Different studies have proved that alcohol abuse can lead to severe sexual problems including impotence. Alcohol causes great damage to the nervous system and thus contributes the development of impotence. It was estimated that approximately 80 % of men, who drink regularly and drink a lot, experience erectile dysfunction problem and other sexual disorders.
Alcohol impairs the nervous impulses between the brain and the penis. A variety of clinical researches have demonstrated that long-term alcohol abuse causes incurable damage to the nerves in the penis. Alcohol abuse may also lead to hormone imbalance, disturb normal sperm structure and restrict normal sexual performance. Alcohol impairs concentration and physical activity; it leads to over eating, smoking and in some cases illegal drug abuse.
Many alcoholics experience serious psychological problems such as depression, stress and anxiety which can lead to ED. That is why those men who have problems with alcohol need medical and psychological help.
All in all alcohol in large amounts contributes to persistent sexual difficulties and eventually to chronic alcohol sexual dysfunction.
The most important thing for a person addicted to alcohol is to admit that a problem is real and that he needs help. Experts are sure that many of the alcoholism side effects can be prevented, retreated or overcome if the problem is solved early enough.

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