According to recent studies held in Australia sexual activity for men aged 70 and even older means a lot and is a great part in their life.

One third of participants older 70 were sexually active at least once a year and even 1 in 10 men aged 90 to 95 was sexually active once in 24 months.

Many males over 70 who have no or mild problems with erections reported that they’d want to have more sex in their life. Many tested males were sorry to have no sexual life due to health problems, low testosterone levels and a lack of partners.

The study, involving men aged 70-95, most of whom were having a partner, showed that 40 % of males aged 70-79 had sex in the past 12 months and 11 % of males aged 90-95, reported sexual activity with a woman partner in the past 20-24 months.

Sexual activity is a very important thing for older people, which makes them happier and healthier. Even men in their 90-95 years still considered sex an integral part of life.

The popularity of Viagra among older people proves that they have an interest in sex and healthy relationships.

Still there is a variety of factors to a lack of sexual activity among older men. They include: age, lower testosterone levels, a partner’s lack of interest in sex, or physical limitations, osteoporosis, prostate cancer, diabetes, use of depression drugs.

The study confirms the suggestion that health problems are the main reason why older men aren’t sexually active. The researches also think that a lack of a sexual partner and a lack of desire for many older people are the factors which prevent them from normal sexual life.

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