Diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar, which causes frequent urination, increased thirst and hunger. It is one of the most common afflictions of impotence in men due to the increased risks of neuropathy, atherosclerosis and heart diseases. Diabetes is a very frequent disease and men with diabetes are more likely to have problems with erections than men who do not have this disorder.
Diabetes affects nerve function and blood flow. It damages nerves, causing neuropathy. This condition damages nerves in the whole body, including the nerves of the penis.
Men with diabetes have problems with potency earlier than men who do not have it. Sometimes a man with ED problems visits a doctor for the first time and a doctor diagnoses that the man is suffering from diabetes.
20% to 75% of men with diabetes have potency problems. Still some changes in lifestyle and proper medical therapy can help mostly all men.

High blood sugar level causes hardening of the blood vessels and lessening of nitric oxide production. It prevents normal blood inflow into the penis and makes normal erection impossible to occur.
Lifestyle changes such as dietetic support, physical exercise and constant control of blood sugar can help to prolong your sexual life.

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