A new study involving couples in which both partners were older than 57 years of old was conducted to estimate how specific relationship problems may influence the sexual life of both partners and particularly man’s ability to get an erection.

The study’s finding were surprising because it showed that older men had negative attitude to close friendship of their wives or partners with other men.  And this friendship may affect older man’s performance in the bed and even cause problems with erections.

Besides, these older men tend to have difficulty achieving orgasm during sex. The study compared couples where there’s such situation of close friendship with other men and couples who didn’t communicate so often with his or her friends.

Old men often think that their sexual partners discuss private sexual relations with other men. This may lead to stress, depression, low self esteem and erectile dysfunction.

Frequently such old men experience feelings of being not attractive to their sexual partners and suffer from misunderstanding in silence. So the study concluded that it is very important to communicate openly with your sexual partner and try to understand his or her needs and concerns.

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