The top causes of erectile dysfunction are:

-         Vascular Disease is one of the main factors causing ED in men. With age the arteries get hardened and it can affect the artery leading to the penis. This artery cannot dilate enough to deliver all the blood necessary for an erection. In case the nerves controlling blood flow to the penis are not working properly it can also lead to impotence.

-         Drugs for high blood pressure, depression, spinal cord injury, diabetes and other conditions may cause temporary impotence.

-         Diseases of the nervous system such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injuries can cause impotence.

-         Abnormal testosterone levels can cause problems with potency. Hormones disbalances can be results of such diseases as kidney failure and liver disease.

-         Surgery to remove cancer from the prostate, bladder, and colon can cause ED. This may happen in case the nerves and blood vessels that control erections are damaged during the operation.

-         Excessive alcohol can lead to nerve damage. Clinical researches proved that about one fourth of all alcoholics become impotent.

-         It is proved that men who smoke are much more likely to have ED. Smoking especially after 40-45 years is a very potent factor of problems with potency.

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