Potency Problems in Young Men

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Young men can as well as older males face the problem or erectile dysfunction though age is of cause, one of the major factors for developing this disorder. Still young men (18-25 years of old) are more vulnerable to ED than males in their 25-35 years. Young males usually have no problems with getting erections they experience problems with maintaining them for an adequate time. For most of young men getting sexually aroused and having an erection is not a problem, but they lose erection due to some reasons and become unable to get aroused or achieve another erection.

Lots of young men suffer from ED but are reluctant to discuss and seek help to treat it.
The underlying reasons for ED in youngsters have usually emotional character or resulted from relationship problems. Stress and anxiety also contribute to developing of physical problems with the blood or nerve supply to the penis causing potency difficulties.
In young men, the underlying causes of ED often are:
• Fatigue, over-work, stress, state of physical over- training (for sportsmen).
• Experience of a new relationship, difficulties in understanding in the existing relationship.
• Drugs side effects, excessive amounts of alcohol or illegal drug abuse.
There may be other causes.
Acknowledgement of the problem for a man or discussing it with his partner will help to overcome the problem. Next step is visiting a medical professional. If there are some physical factors causing the problem, they should be determined by medical examination and some blood tests. Psychological side of the disorder is treated by counseling and psychotherapy. Psychotherapy may involve using ED oral drugs such as Viagra, but remember that it is prescribed by the doctor.
The great benefit can be received from communicating with a sexual partner. Open and frank discussion helps for better understanding and makes relationships healthier and stronger.

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