Why to consider priapism a serious problem when you start treatment with ED oral therapies? The answer is because it can damage the penis and make a person impotent completely.
Priapism is a physical state when a male’s penis is erected for more than 4 hours without sexual stimulation. The roots of this condition may be in the problematic penile blood inflow. Arteries support the penis with blood rich in oxygen and veins get the blood without oxygen out of the penis. When priapism occurs, extra blood flows into the penis and is not able to flow out. Extra blood in the penis results in high rigidity and engorgement of the penis. Prolonged erection may be painful and if it lasts for a long time it presses on the penile tissues. This pressure if not treated in time can damage the penis. Prolonged erection may last for minutes, hours, or days. Treatment is necessary; it helps the penis to become soft again. The treatment can prevent permanent damage of the penile tissues and thus avoid the development of erectile dysfunction.
The most common types of priapism are low-flow priapism or ischemic priapism, high-flow or non ischemic priapism and stuttering. Low-flow, ischemic priapism is the most dangerous and requires immediate medical help.
The causes of prolonged erections may be of different origin, still the most frequent of them are:
1) Medical conditions and medical therapies
Medical conditions such as sickle cell disease or leukemia, cancer of the penis increase the chances of a man to experience priapism.
Medications such as blood thinners, drugs for high blood pressure, hormone medications, therapies for the treatment of mental disorders and oral therapies for erectile dysfunction treatment may contribute to the development of the priapism condition.
2) Street drugs or alcohol
Illegal drugs such as cocaine and marijuana enlarge the risk of having priapism. Excessive amounts of alcohol may also increase the risk of getting this condition.
3) Injuries
Injuries of the genitals can damage arteries and veins that bring blood to and out of the penis. This can result in the development of priapism.
If you want to initiate the treatment of your ED disorder with ED oral medications, remember that your doctor should know about your conditions that may lead or provoke priapism. If you are taking erectile dysfunction therapy, follow your doctor’s directions on how to take it. Taking such medications incorrectly may cause priapism. If you have ever experienced priapism condition, inform your doctor about it. Ask your doctor for more information about how to decrease your chance of getting priapism again.

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