Some facts about erectile dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction or impotence occurs more frequently in elder males, as they have more chronic diseases and conditions or have to take more drugs than younger males.
Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition when a man cannot achieve and sustain erections for a period of sexual act.
In reality, erectile dysfunction is a spread condition, as practically all men especially those in the age of 45-50 experience erectile failures from time to time.
If the problem becomes persistent, erectile dysfunction pills come to help.
Below you can read about some facts relative to this condition.
Abstinence from sexual life or irregular sex result in passive state of the prostate gland. It can lead to erectile dysfunction and reduction in masculinity. So, regular sex is absolutely necessary for all men to be healthy and feel well.
Too much cycling may lead to ED in males. This is confirmed by several studies. Exercise regularly, but think about proper and healthy sports.
Unhealthy lifestyle and increase in certain diseases will double the number of men suffering from ED in the following quarter of the century.
Impotence is a very common condition which is often neglected by men. It remains one of the most undertreated and hidden sexual disorders. According to the studies, the majority of men do not visit a doctor with this problem, they prefer self-treatment or no treatment at all.
Inveterate smokers are at higher risk to develop erectile dysfunction.
Alcoholism contributes to ED.
Obesity and overweight often deprive men of normal sexual life.
Erectile dysfunction is a condition used as a marker of cardiovascular disease, heart problems and diabetes.
About 80% of modern men do not know that there are effective treatments for ED.
Very often men discontinue oral ED drugs because they think that the medications do not work. Most of these men were not sexually stimulated when they used these drugs.
Oral PDE5 are the first-line therapies for ED treatment. They are the most effective and safest method of treatment available now.

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