Stress and erectile function

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Can stress be the cause for erectile problems in men? One study placed high psychological stress right with hypertension and other conditions as a risk factor. Other studies have suggested that men with impotence experience greater stress levels.
Stress related to family problems and job-related stresses are among the most dangerous for erectile function. Stress invades into our sexual life and violates sexual function both in the short and long terms:
1. Stress affects the testosterone level, and lower testosterone impairs internal penile tissues, and thus reduces nitric oxide levels. This results in arterial plaque buildup in penile arteries.
2. Lots of studies suggest that stress may cause heart disease and other related disorders. Heart disease is proven to be one of the direct afflictions of impotence. Ongoing work stress may result in poor lifestyle habits and behaviors, such as smoking, excessive drinking, absence of physical activity and erectile dysfunction harmful to both heart and penis.
3. Stress increases the level of cortisol which is bad for erections, its increased levels are related to insulin resistance and decreased nitric oxide.
4. An increased visceral fat is also associated with stress. This fat usually accumulates in the abdominal area and is often called “beer belly”. It is a very bad factor influencing on erectile function. Abdominal fat is most dangerous form of body fat because it increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.
5. Obesity and overweight may be the direct result of chronic psychological stress. Stressed people eat more than usual and eat practically all the time whether they are hungry or not.
It is absolutely necessary to cope with stress and stressful situations by your own or with the help of your relatives or family. If you cannot manage stress yourself seek special medical help.

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