What are the modern methods to treat erectile dysfunction?

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Any disease should be cured by finding out the prime cause of the problem, in case of ED it may be both physical and psychological conditions.

The main cause of ED is declared the narrowing of the blood vessels (atherosclerosis). If you have this reason your personal physician will advise you as the first step to recovery to change your life style and habits, to control your weight if necessary, to check the risk factors of heart diseases. This will not only reduce your ED symptoms but improve your general health conditions. The physician could also order you some medicines to cure atherosclerosis, such as statins which are aimed to lower cholesterol level and some medicines to lower your blood pressure.

Nowadays there are several methods to treat ED that have commonly proved to be very effective. The first place takes sildenafil medicine (well known as Viagra). The most male patients successfully take it. The vacuum devices facilitate the blood to flow to the penis and in 90% cases the men get a successful erection.

Psychological methods mean cognitive-behavioural therapy and counseling at sex therapist.

In general the ED medication has been significantly developed in recent years. Nowadays the most male people can easy return their sexual intercourse.

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